The thought that goes into buying a boat (or the lack thereof) – by Kyle

Buying a boat is a curious thing. For me it could be broken down into a series of events over a few days.

Day 1. 

Me: No serious notions about owning a boat.

Day 2. 

Manuel:  “Hey I’m thinking about getting a boat and I’m looking for others that are interested. Want to come look at this one with me tomorrow?”

Rational Me:  “I don’t have time for this, but it wouldn’t hurt to look. If anything I can be moral support.”

Day 3.

Rational Me:  “Good God that boat needs a lot of work! I don’t have the time or money for this. Good luck to Manuel and Ben!”

Irrational Me:  “Well it was kind of cool…”

Day 4.

Irrational Me:  “It was cool, wasn’t it!? You’ve always wanted a sailboat. Maybe it’s time to fullfill that dream, and you like fixing stuff up. Think of the adventure! That’s it, I’m buying a boat!”

Rational Me:  *crickets chirping*

Day 5.

Irrational Me:  “Woohoo! I just bought a boat!”

Rational Me: “Hey sorry, I had to take some time off. I hope I didn’t miss anyth- Holy shit you bought a boat?! Are you crazy??”

Day 6.

Rational Me:  “Wow this is going to be a lot of work. It needs an anchor, a battery, new sheeting, … the deck is a mess… that part is broken… What idiot buys a boat with no rudder?!”

Irrational Me: “Wheeee!!”

… and so begins the chronicle of Me, Kyle, along with Ben and Manuel as we set out on an adventure to breathe new life into our yet-to-be-named Shark 24.


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