Building a new floor

The interior decking was in terrible shape. It was thin veneer sheets glued to a piece of plywood that had become water damaged and were peeling up. We wanted to make something more attractive and sturdy. I like the idea of reclaimed materials because it’s cheap, environmentally friendly, and it gives the boat more of a story, so I went looking for used flooring. I found a couple that were renovating their home in Oak Bay and had ripped out their oak floors. For a small amount of money I was able to get some beautiful boards from them.

Not only did we screw the boards down to cross braces but we also epoxied all the joints. This deck is strong! We are safe in the knowledge that if we ever want to transport an elephant with our boat, it won’t be the deck that breaks.

After sanding the old varnish off we oiled it using teak oil. There was a ridiculous amount of debate around teak oil vs polyurethane varnish. In the end we went with Manuel’s teak oil, and I must humbly admit that it turned out beautifully.

Here’s some pics from our wood working session to create a new floor board:

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