Our first day out on the boat

We were lucky to have great weather the weekend after we bought the boat so we packed up the outboard and went to take stock of our new purchase. All three of us were pleasantly surprised to find she was in better shape than we remembered. That being said, there’s so much work to be done.

There was a lot of water inside that we had to pump out. That sounds more concerning than it is, since we’re pretty certain it was fresh water. We weren’t about to taste it; I use the term “fresh” very loosely. The boat was left neglected at the mooring buoy for the last two years. The type of water that accumulates in the bilge over two years is not a pretty sight/smell. We ripped out the interior decking. It was made of cheap veneer planks over plywood and it was peeling up all over the place after being saturated for so long. I foolishly volunteered to take the discarded pieces. It was a gag-inducing drive home, even with the windows rolled down.

After wrestling the outboard onto its bracket we took the boat out for our first spin around the bay. The outboard performed amazingly well and this little boat turns on a dime!

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