Building a Rudder

We started the work on building a rudder and this will be a collection of our progress:

1) Pintles

We’re lucky to have a lot of resources at our disposal. This includes knowledgeable people as well as two really well-equipped shops: Manuel’s landlord’s and my dad’s in Cowichan Bay. Work on the rudder began with the manufacture of two “pintles”, the pins on the rudder that slide onto the brackets on the boat’s transom, called “gudgeons”. They can be bought, but they’re expensive and what’s the fun in buying something that can be built yourself? Over a weekend my dad and I put these together using 1/8″ stainless steel bands and two 1/2″ bolts.

DSC_3034 DSC_3036 DSC_3048



2) Drying Wood

We got some nice 4/4s, split them in 2/4s and now have them drying before joining them into the rudder blade.

Drying wood

as we found another rudder we abandoned this project here… see: here

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