byebye dear tender

Learning our lessons: this time that Cadboro bay beach in winter is not a save place to leave a little tender.



Luckily it was only the tender (and not Alena!) which could be replaced fairly quickly.

I made one last careful paddle out to pick up Alena,


then we went to the dumpster. IMG_20141213_113654284

Summer vs Winter

While summer was full of sunny cruising days we now removed as much as possible from the boat to prevent it from getting moist and mouldy. That means non of the cruising essentials is left: no cushions or blankets, no BBQ, no stereo, we did not even leave the floor.

Now in winter it’s racing time: and that means a lot of lessons to learn! The rules are not easy…

Huge thanks to Andrew Madding for being out there and taking photos! Here, here, and here, …