Easter Weekend – Boat Work Weekend

For the easter weekend we got the RVYC crane to lift our little boat out of the water and reserved some foreshore cradle time. This means five days of intense work to brush her up and get her ready to sail. Just the right kind of holiday.

1st Day

This is what the first day looked like – lot of work still ahead.

2nd Day

getting rolling

3rd Day

more scraping, more grinding, more sanding. And sore muscles…

4th Day

some rain, the rest the same (scraping, grinding, sanding, sore muscles).  But slowly getting there.

5th Day

nothing new (scraping, grinding, sanding, sore muscles). Kyle, do you have photos?

6th Day

Sun: so getting this paint done. Aha.

7th Day


Puh, I’m happy to get back to my desk and just sit there, all i have to move are my fingers.